Digital marketing includes a deep understanding of business target customers. Nowadays reaching audiences is very easy, as the whole world is using mobile phones and the world is busy with smart technologies. To talk about this topic we have to fix our target audiences. But in the concept of digital marketing without age differences we can reach audiences. 

As pandemic of covid-19 as an outbreak as imposed in traditional marketing. Whole lifestyle of humans has been changed by imposing social distancing and frequency in transportation has been reduced. Nowadays with this covid 19 scenario consumers are comfortable in buying online and know things thought digital. People do a little research before buying but now retailers’ reviews have been reduced. Daily routines have been changed from grocers to everything online.  

The Serious part of panicking is to not immediately pull back on all your digital marketing efforts. It may seem like a practical option to cut marketing budgets to reserve cash flow, but consider “mere exposure effect,” or the phenomenon helps in receiving advantages in digital marketing. Keeping your business in front of consumers could help improve their awareness of your brand. Assess everything you currently have in the market, starting with the network that get & acquiring more market share will be the main motto of long term business. 

At time of face it: business as well as laid marketing campaign plans might have to be pushed back. Don’t mix them altogether, but take a little time out to focus on the situation at hand. Get lead in the market on available platforms and be a leader in the market.

Try your best to keep a positive attitude and show customers that you are there, with them in these uncertain times and also still hopeful for the future. This builds trust in the minds of consumers and makes it easy to bring transparency. Watch that you don’t cross the line into possibly being seen as oblivious by minimizing the scale of the pandemic or its impact on human life.

Retain and Grow Your Customer Base during Coronavirus

The Pareto Principle says that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your loyal customer database. If COVID-19 has dramatically reduced your sales rates, by temporarily closing up shop, it’s your loyal customers who will be the ones to keep your business wealthy well beyond the end of any international pandemic. Loyal customers spend more on average, with larger purchases more frequently. Here are a few areas you can leverage to maximize your customer engagement.

  1. Content marketing and coronavirus.
  2. Paid advertising and COVID-19.
  3. Social media marketing and coronavirus.
  4. Offer discounts and promotions.
  5. Email marketing and COVID-19.
  6. Optimize your ecommerce store.

These are a few concepts we have to build strategies for. Few concepts have been briefed:

Content Marketing and Coronavirus

Here we get some ideas to push-start a content marketing strategy that aligns with the changing situation and evolving customer needs and desires.

Just as it is assessed by your marketing campaigns, do a quick audit of your content. Make sure that what is there is appropriate for the times, especially what is featured on your blog homepage or website. Then, think about what kinds of content would be useful to your customers now, and if you have anything relevant you can update and re-release to reach audiences. In The lockdown scenario a lot of idle time will be invested in social media. This opportunities can be acquired by digital marketing the products and services. 

Social Media Marketing and Coronavirus

Social media is a wildcard entry, so tread carefully but footstep must be important. If you have an established presence on social channels, business should grow. Especially if you find yourself to pull back on ad spend, businesses need to take advantage of all organic opportunities available in the market.

Optimize Your Ecommerce Store

Consumers are turning to online shopping for many things they may have previously preferred to purchase in person. You want to make sure your store is optimized for findability and usability, and that featuring the products that resound with customers. Nowadays customers expect shipping and delivery in time, & want to communicate how we keep your customers and employees safe to build trust. Providing useful information without pushing a sale is something that customers will remember and return for and retention is a step on the path to loyalty.

Evaluate your homepage SEO and reports.

The purpose of homepage is to introduce customers to your business. It’s a digital storefront. Users should be able to quickly and easily understand your business and its value proposals. As far as keywords, it will likely be more effective to focus on a small subgroup of keywords that tie into your brand and site theme than to try to rank for one branded keyword. Make sure to work those keywords in naturally to any content headers on your homepage

In these challenging times, digital marketing is often the last thing on people’s minds. But as marketers, we still have to pay attention. And our jobs change with the seasons, in that we have to respond to the world as it is, as it changes. For those businesses seeing lower sales during the crisis, take advantage of that stoppage and be ready to come back strong by using digital platform. Focus on building up SEO, improving website design, and optimizing your site’s UX for better conversion rates.

Marketing in the conditions imposed on us by the coronavirus must learn about community, brand building, and relationships with existing customers. If you can strike the right quality in  messaging to reach people as they are, and that message resonates, business will be in a good position to retain market share and achieve organization goals.